6 Pack Inox MX5 Plus Anti-Corrosion Protection Lubricant Spray 300g (MX5-300x6)

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INOX MX5 Plus has been specially formulated by modifying the original INOX base formula, with the addition of the high grade friction modifier Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). INOX MX5 Plus has been designed for applications where a superior extreme pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, liquid lubricant or an industrial quality machine cutting lubricant is required.

MX5 Plus PTFE lubricant can also be used for any other application where an extreme pressure anti-corrosion liquid lubricant is required.

Caution: INOX MX5 plus may effect some natural rubber products with continual long term use.


INOX MX5 Plus has been designed for applications where a superior extreme pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture liquid lubricant, a high grade penetrating oil or an industrial quality machine cutting lubricant is required (Safe to use in saw, lathe & milling reservoirs).
INOX MX5 Plus will not harm metal points or surfaces, fibreglass, formica, painted or enamel finishes, plastics or neoprene seals.
INOX MX5 Plus will not become tacky, alter surface tolerances, dry out or wash off with water
INOX MX5 Plus is non-toxic, non-conductive, non-corrosive and non-staining.
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is premium grade extreme pressure anti-friction medium which gives increased lubrication between the contact surfaces. This reduced friction environment also lowers operating temperatures and extends life.

Applications & Uses

Starter motor, alternator, generator and solenoid shaft bushes – wiper motors and linkages – inner control cables – motorcycle clutch and accelerator cables (Ideal for classic/vintage heavy clutch cables)

Ski bindings and snow board clips – snow mobile tracks, door hinges, locks and control cables – chair lift cables (prevents icing) – cold storage door locks and hinges, helps prevent switches, solenoid and valves icing up.

all electric motor bushes – solenoid shaft assemblies – relay and switch gear pivot point bushes.

Chain and sprocket drives – PTO splines and couplings – shearing hand pieces and equipment – control cables and linkages – winch cables – stock gate hinges and latches.

Pin bearings, bushes, screw & worm drives – slides & small linear bearings.

Model train engine bushes and gears, rolling stock wheels and track switching points – all moving parts for model sailing and power boats, model cars, slot cars and tracks and model planes

Electric and pneumatic power tools – punching, stamping and folding equipment – conveyor and pneumatic systems lubricators – cutting, drilling and thread tapping – release agent (ie plastics, metal, etc) – factory roller doors – underground pump motor bushes.

Sail tracks – door hinges and locks – sliding hatches and pulleys – control cables – winch cables – high speed sail and line winders – sea container hinges and latches

All firearms – roller blades and skate boards – gym and sporting equipment – mountain and racing pushbike chains, cables and wheel bearing hubs

Pneumatic door tracks and linkages – side curtain tracks alloy/stainless steel roller doors and tracks – air brake slack adjusters – inner control cables all starter motors, generators, alternators and wiper motors and all linkages, door hinges stock crate hinges and latches

Common Questions


The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is an independent, non-profit making organisation. The NSF H1 standard is globally accepted as confirming the food grade lubricant is safe for use in applications where incidental food contact may occur.

H1 – Acceptable for use where there is incidental food contact.

H2 – Acceptable for use where there is no possibility of food contact.

H3 – Acceptable for use as a soluble oil

HT1 – Acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid where this is possibility of incidental food contact

3H – Acceptable for use as a release agent on hard surface in direct contact with meat and poultry


INOX-MX5 Plus is an extreme pressure lubricant, which means it will lubricate better under high loads. INOX-MX5 Plus can take loads nearly as high as some greases on the market today.


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Brand Inox

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